Thursday, April 19, 2012

Severe Thunderstorms, Yes. Tornado Risk Low

Because so many have been touched by tornadoes in the last week, I want to comment on today's weather situation.

People will see the "slight" risk of severe thunderstorms on their televisions today. Here is the 8am CDT outlook from the NWS Storm Prediction Center. Often, a "slight" (I would prefer they use the word "elevated") risk means tornadoes are possible.

But, if we go inside today's numbers, the tornado risk is pretty low.
While 2% is not zero, I generally recommend weather monitoring at 5%.

But, there is a risk of large hail and damaging winds. Those maps are below.
Probability of thunderstorm generated winds of 58 mph or more 

Probability of hail 1" in diameter. In the hatched area, 2" or larger is possible. 

So, if you live in the areas at risk for severe thunderstorms, make sure you car is in the garage or under a carport, your children are in a safe place, etc. if thunderstorms approach your area.

While I'll post another update or two, I am not planning on liveblogging this situation.

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