Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Morning Funnies

Funny man W. C. Fields refused to work with children and I thought of him during yesterday's "human interest" moment during the coverage of the Arnold Palmer Golf Tournament on NBC/Golf Channel.  

They brought a young man on set whose life had been saved by the doctors at the Palmer hospital.  Things started fine as Arnold reaches out.

Mom decided to let Arnie hold her son.

In spite of saving his life, son was not happy to be away from Mom. What seemed like a good idea seconds ago was going downhill rapidly.

So, son goes back to Mom. Son looks suspiciously like he has "pulled one over" on them.

Finally, Mr. Palmer announces a lifetime exemption for the young man -- meaning he can play in any future Palmer Invitational without qualifying. That seems to make him very, very happy.



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