Monday, March 19, 2012

Storm Overview at 9:30pm

Here is a complete storm overview, the last posting of the night. AccuWeather regional radar (below) at 9:20pm shows storms with large hail and heavy rain (arrows) on the southwest edge of the storm system between Utopia and Cherry Mountain. Flash flooding may develop with these storms. The thunderstorms near San Antonio are weakening.

From Dallas to eastern Oklahoma, very heavy rain is falling. An additional 5 inches may fall from now until noon Tuesday in the area indicated by the blue oval.

Here is a summary of NWS watches/warnings:

[caption id="attachment_7921" align="aligncenter" width="186" caption="9:26pm, NWS watches/warnings"][/caption]

Yellow = tornado watch. Red = tornado warning. Maroon = flash flood warning. Amber = severe thunderstorm warning (large hail and/or damaging straight-line winds). Greens = various flood watches and warnings, check local information.  


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