Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Tornadoes Today

Above is what is left of my friend (and former WeatherData meteorologist) Rodney Price's parents' garage on the south side of Harveyville, KS. His folks are OK but there were critical injuries in an adjacent home.

We have reports of major damage in Branson, MO and Harrisburg, IL.  

Thunderstorms are now moving into the easternmost tornado watch which is in effect for parts of Kentucky and Tennessee, including Nashville.  

As of 6:11am, tornado warnings are in effect for the areas in red polygons, severe thunderstorm warnings in the amber polygons. The tornado watch is yellow on this map.

Here is the "significant tornado index" (≥F2) as of 5am CST:

If other factors are favorable, powerful tornadoes may occur in the areas with index values of 2 or higher. Needless to say, please monitor the weather in these areas as thunderstorms approach.

I'll have an update a mid-morning.  

ADDITION at 6:45am: Via Jim Sellars on Facebook, here is the debris over Branson, MO on the new dual polarization radar. We believe we will be able to better detect tornadoes at night with these new radars. I've circled the debris.


  1. Is there any info on Harrisburg? Can't find anything in my former hometown.

  2. This is the best I can find as of a few minutes ago:

    An early morning tornado has hit the Harrisburg area. Rescue operations are under way in the Gaskins City area. Police and fire officials ask that you stay clear of the area.


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