Saturday, October 29, 2011

Amazing Day at the National Weather Festival

Mindy and I had a terrific day at the National Weather Festival in Norman. It was Vegas for weather aficionados. It was also the biggest book sale and signing ever for Warnings. Eighty books were sold!
Photos by Mindy Cook.  Click to enlarge.
My favorite part was seeing so many old friends and making so many new ones, including our great friend Cat Taylor and students involved in weather safety demonstrations.

Cat is passionate about her pageant platform of storm safety and was selling tiaras to raise money to enlarge the education effort.

In a nod to the movie Twister, our table was near the "Flying Cow" Cafe in the Weather Center building.

In Warnings I describe several cows that ended up far from home thanks to tornadoes. Of course, with advanced warnings, there is no need for cows to become airborne any more.

Outside, there were numerous specialized vehicles used for storm chasing and reporting along with rescue and operations when disasters strike.

Here is one of the numerous television station chase vehicles.

Thanks to Kelli Tarp and all of the other organizers for a great time and a great day.

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