Monday, July 11, 2011

Who Provides the Security at Security?

Having had a small amount of money stolen from me at a TSA checkpoint (Ontario, Calif., if you are interested), I take notice of these increasingly frequent stories about the TSA stealing from passengers -- to the point they are almost becoming routine.

Here is another interesting post from a passenger whose wallet was stolen while he was in the nude-o-scope (with his hands up in the "surrender" position). Of course, the TSA didn't find the culprit, the airport police did. Which begs the question: Just why is the TSA there if not to provide "security"?

The vulnerability of my belongings (in addition to the health risk of being bombarded with X-rays) plus my displeasure at being photographed through my clothes is why I "opt out" of the nude-o-scopes when I'm passing through an airport where they are in use.


  1. Bravo. And make sure your belongings are in your line of sight whenever you opt out.
    It takes one apple to ruin the barrel and it sure seems that TSA has hired a bunch of bad apples.

  2. Yup. I opt-ed out at MEM just yesterday. The matron told me I had to put my wallet through the conveyor belt and I had to explain to her -- twice -- that I was opting out and that I didn't have to put the wallet through.

    I was explaining the loss of wallets (through theft and people inadvertently leaving them) to my travel partner and just as the words came out of my mouth, the airport PA announced, "[name of traveler] please return to security to claim your wallet."


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