Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Weather Police

A special meeting of the United Nations security council is due to consider whether to expand its mission to keep the peace in an era of climate change.
Small island states, which could disappear beneath rising seas, are pushing the security council to intervene to combat the threat to their existence.
There has been talk, meanwhile, of a new environmental peacekeeping force – green helmets – which could step into conflicts caused by shrinking resources.

Just when you believe the 'global warming' discussion cannot get any more surreal, now the United Nations wants "global warming peacekeepers." The full story is here.

Those of us of a certain age remember "Saturday Night Live's" parody of the Secret Service protecting Gerald Ford when he was being clumsy. When Ford tripped coming down the stairs while exiting an airplane, SNL ended the report, "the Secret Service wrestled the stairs to the ground."

So, I have visions of the United Nations' weather police wresting a tornado to the ground.

Good luck with that.

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