Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tornado near Osage City, KS

Tornado reported just west of Baldwin City at 10:50pm. KMBC TV reporting "significant damage" in Reading, KS-- this due to a tornado.  

UPDATE 10:33PM:  Apparent debris ball (tornado on the ground) between the towns of Melvern and Lyndon (circle). Still indicates of rotation near Centropolis (square).  These storms are moving ENE at 25 mph.  

UPDATE: 10:32PM. Tornadic circulations indicated in Franklin Co. near Centropolis and a second tornadic thunderstorm farther west near Pomona Res. just south of Lyndon.  Please take cover in these areas!

A tornado was reported at 10:15 5mi. south of Osage City (western storm, circle = threat area at 10:20pm).

Here are the two couplets on Doppler radar at 10:20pm:

Take cover in these areas as these storms move ENE.

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