Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 = Tie for Hottest Year?

You may have seen the headlines that 2010 tied for the hottest year ever according to NASA and NOAA.

My take?  Probably not.

NASA and NOAA both use NASA's database which has been, shall we say, "tweaked" a number of times over the years.  Here is the data:

I have used the British HADCRUT data and it shows that 2010 isn't even close to the hottest year (1998):

There are also the two indices of lower atmospheric temperatures as measured by satellites. These have been available since 1979.  Here is the RSS version:

and, the University of Alabama's satellite version:

So, it is only the NASA database which indicates it was the hottest year. In all four of the databases temperatures are currently headed down.

UPDATE: 11:05AM Friday.  More on this topic at Watts Up With That.

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