Sunday, December 19, 2010

Attention Journalism Professors

This is the most silly, biased, 'overheated' article of the year. It confuses weather and climate, all of the people quoted are on one side of the issue, and some of the quotes come from people with conflicts of interest (i.e., if disasters are changing due to 'global warming,' FEMA gets more $$; insurance companies can charge higher rates) but the conflicts are not pointed out for the reader.

My 'favorite' quote?  
That single heat-and-storm system killed almost 17,000 people, more people than all the worldwide airplane crashes in the past 15 years combined.

What does one have to do with the other!?

This article should be used by journalism instructors as an example of how not to cover these topics.

UPDATE: 3:20PM Sunday. Ryan Maue agrees. He ends his deconstruction of the article by saying,
The Associated Press and agenda-driven journalists without much evidence of scientific knowledge (especially in terms of climate variability) do the entire planet a disservice by conflating anecdotes, expert testimony, political appointees’ nonsense, and real-world suffering by those afflicted by natural disasters into a self-serving, blame humanity, anti-progress screed.
This article is so bad it should be retracted by AP.

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