Friday, November 5, 2010

Waterspout in Egypt Moves Onto Crowded Beach

Just a few days ago I posted a map of tornado regions around the world. It did not include Egypt as an area with high tornado potential. Regardless, we a video of a waterspout (tornado over water) moving onto a crowded beach. If you watch closely at the end of the video you see the area where the (now tornado) moved onshore was swept clean. No people, no beach chairs, nothing. In fact, it appears a few of the beach chairs were picked up and thrown by the tornado.

According to Facebook postings, this occurred in 2007 and killed ten people.  It is surprising, watching the video, how few people were running for their lives. My supposition is that because they are not in a "tornado region" they didn't realize what was approaching.

By the way, the original Facebook entry called the storm a "hurricane." This is clearly a waterspout.

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