Friday, November 5, 2010

Update on Tomas

Another report from Jeff Piotrowski at 9:30pm Central:

Looking NNW from Port-au-Prince see very heavy lightning all most nonstop very heavy storms near the city of Boucassin- Aubrey area. No local radar but I would expect 1-3 hr rain fall rates. I see over shooting tops with anvil crawlers NNW of my location. I would EXPECT major flooding to my north tonight. Death toll up to six west of Port-au-Prince west about 60KM. I also understand from a local Gov man told me that a small town on south shore East of Jacmel Haiti may have other victims at that location.

Jim & I were able to be part of the UN & US Army delegation today to inspect the tent city location in Port-au-Prince with UN police escort amazing experience.MAY GOD”S GRACE BLESS THESE PEOPLE!! 

Anvil crawlers are a form of horizontal lightning under the "anvil" of a cumulonimbus cloud. This photo is from Roger Edwards of NSSL:

In the tropics, this type of lightning is often associated with high rates of rainfall.

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