Friday, November 5, 2010

Tomas at 11am

UPDATE 1:30 pm Central Friday:  From storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski in Port-Au-Prince:  Jim & I just returned to hotel been out shooting all day. The wind was only about 30 mph with light to moderate rain overnight and early today. Small rocks and gravel washed out into the streets along with garbage from the along the side streets. Some of the main roads were flooded with 6"-1' of water but again not to bad. The tents cities around Port-au-Prince looked to be in good shape as far as no damage.

Satellite image from 10:45am Central time. Reds are associated with the heaviest rains.
Hurricane Tomas is affecting Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the far eastern tip of Cuba (including Guantanamo Bay) at the present time. While the peak wind at the Port-au-Prince airport has been 40 mph, far stronger winds have occurred at the western penninsulas of Haiti.

More from AccuWeather.

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