Sunday, November 21, 2010

One Year Anniversary of Climategate

This weekend is also the one year anniversary of "Climategate" where a hacker or whistle-blower (we don't know which) released emails and other data from prominent climate researchers. The emails revealed illegality (deleting emails to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests), attempts to deceive ("hiding the decline" [of temperatures]), and duplicity (i.e., saying in public that global warming is "incontrovertible" while, in private, asking "where is the warming?").

While global warming is one of my least favorite subjects, I write about it because it is important and so much of what the media publishes on this subject is incorrect.

That said, it was a coincidence that the blog was started at the same time as Climategate, but it certainly gave me plenty to write about the first few days!

If you would like to read the posting that alerted me to the emails release, go here.

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