Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Travel?

With the Thanksgiving travel season starting Friday evening, I thought I would offer this public service video (courtesy, Reason TV):

OK, the video above is humorous, the photo below is not. It was taken in Denver two days ago during one of the TSA's new "grope searches."
They are now given to men and women with the possible exception of Muslim women wearing traditional attire. Elderly Catholic nuns, however, are not exempt.
The grope searches can occur at any airport. The nude-o-scopes are not everywhere, yet. If you are flying through an airport with a nude-o-scope, you can go through it (with the privacy and radiation issues it creates) or you can opt-out and get a grope. Catch 22: If you have a "blurry groin" or some other problem with the nude image, you still get the grope.

November 24 (Wednesday) is national "opt-out" day. This may add delays to the process, plus the weather looks questionable in many areas next week. Allow lots of time.

So, good luck traveling this Thanksgiving. For Christmas, you might want to think about Amtrak.

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