Sunday, October 10, 2010

Really Amazing

I never lose my sense of amazement over how fast science and technology in general, and meteorology in particular, have come in the last decade.  I thought of this again today when I saw Mike Phelps' Facebook summary of his storm chases of the last year.
Mike notes that more than 600 people in more than 50 countries watched this chase live through web streaming video. Incredible!

In Warnings, I talk about the "the day TV weather grew up" -- when, among other things, we broadcast a tornado live and what a sensation that was. In the 1970's and 80's tornado footage was so rare that we broadcast it even if it was poor quality.

Now, it is taken for granted. Want to see a tornado live? There are at least three "web channels" you can tune into -- free. Or, you can take a storm chasing vacation (scroll down).

While America has many challenges at the moment, I believe we need to keep our sense of perspective at what an amazing nation and world we live in.

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