Monday, October 25, 2010

Damaging Thunderstorm Winds Tomorrow AND TONIGHT

UPDATE: 10:10PM Monday: Tornado watch in effect for the area outlined in red until 6am.

UPDATE 8:40pm Monday: Thunderstorms are starting to develop in Kansas near Salina. These storms will continue to intensify the next few hours. The NWS's Storm Prediction Center has increased the severe weather probabilities between 10pm and sunrise over Missouri, Illinois and adjacent areas. See map below (click to enlarge).
The western threat area is from around Des Moines to KC to Ft. Scott. In the hatched area, wind gusts could be 70 mph late tonight. These storms will have rapid forward motion. If you have a weather radio, tonight would be a good night to use it.


In addition to the threat of high non-thunderstorm winds from the Great Lakes to the Northern Plains (see post below), there is an increase risk of damaging thunderstorm winds tomorrow
from the Mississippi River to the Appalachians. There is also a risk of tornadoes, especially to the south of the Ohio River. The red hatched area could see thunderstorm wind gusts of 70 mph or higher.

These thunderstorms, along with the high winds in the Great Lakes, may cause power outages. Be prepared. AccuWeather is monitoring the situation. Please check there for updates.

UPDATE:  Here are forecasts of the position of the thunderstorms that may cause damaging winds tomorrow.  The map below is the position at sunrise. Think of this as looking at a television radar:

The map below is the position of the strengthened storms at 1pm Central time (approximately).

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