Sunday, October 17, 2010

A "Dad Joke"

My children used to (and probably still do) call my attempts at humor "dad jokes." I have one I wish to share this morning. Be prepared to groan!

As many of you know, I have been in a head and neck brace since mid-summer due to two bones compressing my spinal cord in my neck. I was told -- by two physicians, including a neurosurgeon, -- that I was one stray blow to the neck away from paralysis. So, they rushed me into the head brace that you see in the photo.  I've have to wear it continuously, including when I sleep.
I had successful surgery last month to fix the problem. However, I am still in the brace (to support the corrective work done in the surgery) and will be until around Christmas.

Because of the urgency of getting my spine protected, I never really looked at the brace in detail until this morning. When I turned it over, I saw the brand (see photo below, look closely).

So, from now on, I am going to call it my "Miami Vice."

Cue groaning.


  1. Ugggghhhhh. Definitely a "dad joke", Dad. Love,
    Tiff :)

  2. Mike,

    As a friend, I think I'm obligated to inform your medical professional of the symptoms of severe oxygen deprivation during your recent surgery.
    Concerned mode,

  3. Since the lettering is recessed, does it leave a "IMAIM" raised lettering on your clavical?

    If so, don't take it off at the Airport (I Maim).

  4. Dog Breath,

    I can tell you that the TSA is not too thrilled with the Vice.



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