Wednesday, August 11, 2010

From Kansas: Heeerrre's Johnny!

According to The New York Times there is a new Johnny Carson website. It features more video and content than the previous version. Hi-Oh!

Here are more details:

Not much from the first 10 years of Carson’s “Tonight Show” (he took over in 1962) has survived, having been destroyed in an era when no one contemplated the possibility of home video. But the existing tapes, along with a complete library of shows from 1973 on, were kept in storage — and this is not a joke from a Carson monologue — in a salt mine in Kansas.

To be specific, the salt mine is in Hutchinson. You can even tour it.

While I don't wish to be maudlin, I miss Johnny! I doubt there will ever be another with his wit and class.

I want to end this post on an up note with Carnac's ultimate answer: "Sis-Boom-Bah." Can anyone tell me the question?
If you don't know the question in question, you can view it here. It is at 4:35. Be ready for one of the longest sustained laughs in the history of television!

Hat Tip: Blog reader D.J.

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