Monday, August 30, 2010

"Best Opening Ever"

UPDATE: Los Angeles Times has behind-the-scenes details here, including that the spectacular opening number (subject of the post below) wasn't staged until the morning of the show!

Also, there are two episodes of "Glee" scheduled to air on Fox after the President's speech tonight. The first, "Home," stars Kristin Chenoweth and is one of my favorite episodes.  

We don't write much about television and entertainment because there are so many other sources for that type of information. That said, if you didn't see the live telecast of the 62nd Emmy Awards last night, go here to watch the opening number. It is sheer genius -- perhaps the best opening number ever for one of the major awards show.

Especially if you are a fan of "Glee," take six minutes to watch the number.

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  1. I was amazing show and we can say that "Best opening ever" for that.. Sorry i was late to read this story but i got a chance to be a fan for that "Best Opening".


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