Friday, July 30, 2010

The Record Hailstorm

Chad Cowan ( took this photo of the storm that produced the record hailstones in South Dakota. The picture was taken 30-45 minutes after the largest stones fell. He graciously allowed us to post it on the blog.

Chad took the photo with a wide angle lens hanging out the car window while his girlfriend, Jenna Blum, was driving. Jenna is the author of the new book, The Stormchasers.

Patrick Marsh has a not-too-technical meteorological writeup on his blog, here.

UPDATE Saturday Morning: Photos of the "Great Hailstone Relay" drive are here.


  1. Mike, I looked at the time setting on my camera and it's set an hour slow as I forgot to adjust it to DST. So the photo of the storm was actually taken 90-105 minutes after the record hailstones fell.

  2. Chad, thank you for the info. Still, it is a terrific photo!


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