Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meet Us in St. Louis!

Kim and I just rode into St. Louis, after a hugely successful book signing last night.  Here is a list of media appearances:

Tonight (Wednesday):  KMOX Radio, 1120am, 10:20 to 11pm. Note: KMOX is a "clear channel" station and can be heard in 40 states at night. You can also listen here.

Tomorrow (Thursday): KWMU FM 90.7, 11am until noon.  You can listen via the internet here.

And, I am taping KMOV TV's (CBS) "Extra Edition" tomorrow morning which will air Saturday and I will post the air time as soon as I have it.

The Kansas City book signing

Wow!  We sold out the store, more than 50 books! It was wonderful to see so many old friends and weather enthusiasts. If you have read Warnings you know the first tornado forecast was made by (then) airman Robert Miller at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma in 1948.  Larry Wilson, a severe weather forecaster for the National Weather Service, came in to purchase books for himself and for Col. Miller's widow, Beverly. She had heard about the book and wanted to read it. He also purchased a book for a survivor of the Woodward Tornado.
Larry Wilson, severe storms forecaster. With all the people attending it had gotten warm and I took off the coat.

I was having a great time.

The folks at Barnes & Noble at the Plaza could not have been more professional or gracious.  Thank you to all!

Mr. "Southpaw"

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